About IQ Medical

The Equinus Brace was designed with evidence based research for the non surgical treatment of equinus.The innovation is that we simply, reproducibly and optimally designed a brace to properly stretch the gastroc and soleus.  This allows for precision therapeutic stretching.

Who We Are

Dr. Patrick DeHeer

Dr. Patrick DeHeer

Seven years ago, Patrick A. DeHeer, DPM was suffering from posterior tibial tendonitis. He tried everything in the book to alleviate the pain, including a night splint. One night he woke up (in his night splint) and realized that it was not working because his knee had been bent all night while he was sleeping on his side. He knew the biomechanics of his symptoms were rooted in a tight gastrocnemius muscle. So…

He searched online and called all of his vendors to find a product that would actually help him achieve a gastroc stretch. NOTHING. Since then, educating on and finding a solution to equinus deformity has been Dr. DeHeer’s obsession.

It took almost 5 years of researching, designing, going back and forth with Medicare, and RE-DESIGNING to get the self funded product to market.

We are very proud to provide the only device that effectively stretches the gastroc-soleus complex in a 1 hr. per day, 12 week treatment. 

John Moorin

John Moorin

John got his start back in 1987 selling orthopedic implants and devices.  In 1990 he was awarded sales rep of the year for a major Orthopedic manufacturer.  Having an entrepreneurial spirit, John wanted to start a healthcare company to help improve patient's lives and recovery, which he did in 1990. That company grew into one of the largest Orthopedic DME companies in the country and successfully sold it in 2006. 

 While building that company, John saw other opportunities and built and sold a supplement company, a fitness company, and a sports complex as well. All of those experiences led him to IQ Med and THE EQUINUS BRACE. The Equinus Brace has become his true passion project and he is committed to making this my legacy.  He believes this brace can truly help people live better lives and may be able to help save limbs in diabetics. He is partnered on this project with two fantastic guys. One of them is one of the world thought leaders on equinus and its related deformities.  This brace was his vision. My vision is to make sure everyone who has foot pain or plantar fasciitis has an opportunity to hear about THE EQUINUS BRACE.

Ricky Health

Ricky has over 13 years of experience in the orthopedic implant and medical device market with special interest in the foot and ankle. Ricky has successfully grown and managed numerous product lines in both the durable medical equipment (DME) and implant device field. Having the opportunity to work with and grow relationships in the foot and ankle industry led Ricky to meet Dr. DeHeer.

Dr Deheer and Ricky began talking about the Equinus brace in 2011. Realizing what a great opportunity and revolutionary product this could be, they came to the understanding that they needed someone with the business knowledge and background on how to bring the Equinus brace to life. John was the missing piece that was needed.

Having the opportunity to work with the thought leader on Equinus and someone with the entrepreneurial spirit of John has fueled Ricky’s passion to help improve peoples quality of life.