Susan Frey shares her thoughts after using the Equinus Brace

"I suffered from recurring Plantar's Fasciitis on my right leg/foot for several years. I tried everything under the sun and read everything on the internet. I stretched, iced, had physical therapy, bought countless pairs of shoes and inserts. Finally, in the fall of 2016, I was at my local podiatrist for an unrelated problem. He actually discovered my PF without me saying anything, when examining my calf muscles. He explained to me that researchers had discovered that tight calf muscles needed stretching for much longer than people typically do when trying to treat it themselves, and he suggested the Equinus Brace. After the three month (one hour a day...easy-peasy!) treatment, increasing the angle of the brace each month, the PF is gone and I have not had any problems or pain at all! I am back to hiking on a regular basis and am so grateful! Thanks for a great product!"- Susan Frey, Medford, OR

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