Kaneese Bridges endured years of immobility in her ankles and thought all hope was lost. Read about her experience with the Equinus Brace and how she recovered mobility.

"I am a 45 year old woman who has been through her fair share of surgeries but I wanted to share with you how the Equinus Brace helped me to recover mobility in not just one ankle, but both. Back in 2003, I underwent a tarsal tunnel release on my left ankle. Shortly after, I underwent the same surgery on the right. Healing was slow, but went well at that time. However; roughly a year or so later, I began having the same issues in my left ankle and went through the surgery once again. This time, the healing did not go well as I took an infection that soon became severe. It took 14 months for the incision to close and months of therapy to regain very little movement in my ankle. I soon just realized that this is how I would be from there out. Years passed and I became very careful how I stepped down, often holding on to someone or something to keep balance beings that ankle wanted to stay stiff and not move as it needed to adjust to uneven ground. I gave up all hope of it being normal again until I met Dr. Edward Cohen! Dr. Cohen started treating me for foot problems and pain. He recommended the Equinus Brace and fitted it to me in his office. I use the brace daily and I am here to tell you, I HAVE MOBILITY again! My ankle is nearly brand new! I can move it and step on uneven ground again without fear of falling, without the pain, without the assistance. I am actually teared up telling you this as it is unbelievable to me that something so simple could change everything. I thank God for Dr. Cohen and his amazing foresight in recommending the Equinus brace. I, for one, will always be in debt for his giving me back what I thought was gone forever. I highly recommend the Equinus Brace and to this day, tell all my friends and family how it truly gave me back my mobility! Thank you so much Dr. Cohen and Equinus Brace!"

- Kaneese Bridges (A very happy and mobile woman)



Posted by Felissa camp on

Just wanted to say thank you for this brace! It has me walking without pain for the first time in two weeks and it has the added bonus of relieving my night time foot cramps!
My doctor,Christenson, proscribed this equinus brace after 6months of awful painful heel spur and locked leg muscles! It really has worked! Thank you ,Mrs.felissa camp !

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