"Clarifying The Role Of Podiatric Physicians In Prescribing Medical Marijuana" The most recent published article by brace creator, Dr. Patrick DeHeer

In his article featured in Podiatry Today, Dr. Patrick DeHeer (creator of the Equinus Brace) explains the role of medical marijuana in the field of Podiatry and how it compares to opioids.

"Podiatric physicians often manage acute pain with opioids without complication but those patients with chronic lower extremity pain challenge the podiatric physician to walk a fine and potentially dangerous line. Podiatry’s role in treating patients with chronic pain (diabetic neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy, post-traumatic arthritis, complex regional pain syndromes, etc.) must be part of the solution to reduce opioid usage and addiction. Many states, such as my home state of Indiana, have provided welcome guidelines on opioid prescribing."

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